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Cameroon Piloting Automated Customs System to Improve Import/Export | Learn More

Author: Exports News
Dec 27, 2019
2 min read
Dec 27, 2019
2 min read
Cameroon Piloting Automated Customs System to Improve Import/Export | Learn More

Cameroon Piloting Automated Customs System to Improve Import/Export

Cameroon is piloting a new software platform to speed up clearance at its ports. Cameroon Customs Information System, Camcis, will reduce waiting time and facilitate documentation related to the export and import of goods, as well as legal papers required for things like insurance and banking transactions.

The pilot phase of the automated customs system which was introduced on October 1 is being tested at sea, land, and air at the following sites; the Kribi seaport, Douala-Youpwé, Yaoundé-Nsimalen, Kousséri, and Ngaoundéré. Once passed fit, Cameroon Customs hopes the new system will be rolled out and adopted across the country. Camcis is


on the South Korean customs system and would bring Cameroon closer to globally accepted protocols for trade.

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Getting past customs has always been a tedious and protracted process in Cameroon dreaded by many transporters. For a country with ports that serve the Central African sub-region, including landlocked countries like the Central African Republic and Chad, this is a welcome development that could spur trade and movement of goods between Cameroon and its neighbors. Prospective users can contact

Cameroon Customs

to learn more about the plans and the necessary documentation needed to register online when Camcis finally starts operating throughout the national territory.

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