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Benefits of eCommerce for international trade

May 31, 2019
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Benefits of eCommerce for international trade

The development of online commerce has exploded business transactions around the world. Today, thanks to the Internet, a company based in China can sell to customers in France items produced in the United States. Traditional distribution channels have been redesigned to give consumers more power and access to several alternatives.

The development of eCommerce has enabled local businesses in developing countries to gain access to international customers that they would never have been able to reach using traditional communication and distribution channels and at relatively reasonable costs. eCommerce has brought sellers and buyers closer together, reducing intermediaries and increasing margins for producers and distributors, and has even been the basis for creating new professions.

This rise in eCommerce is explained by its ability to meet a basic need of consumers: being able to buy their products without leaving the comfort of their sofa, while having a wide choice of products at their disposal. It is this flexibility offered by eCommerce that has allowed the rapid development of this mode of transaction.

Online trade

platforms have given a new breath to international trade by allowing companies, but also individuals to buy and sell products to a varied clientele around the world. International transport services, an area of activity closely related to eCommerce, has also benefited greatly from the growth of eCommerce worldwide because all products purchased online must be delivered to a specific physical location.

Even though the development of eCommerce has also allowed the development of online fraud and scams, the best is yet to come for this business sector that still has a bright future. 

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