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Nautical Vessels for Dredging at Douala Port to Save Billions

Feb 12, 2021
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Nautical Vessels for Dredging at Douala Port to Save Billions

The Port Authority of Douala (PAD) has successfully acquired two dredgers to boost traffic and increase the flow of goods and services from importers and exporters. This is not the first dredger the port has obtained and has acquired a Beaver 50, which is a stationary suction dredger for dock feet, along with TSHD 3000, a trailing suction dredger from IHC, in the past. The equipment was delivered in October 2020 and will help decongest one of Cameroon’s most important ports.

Three vessels were also inaugurated by Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute as the port celebrated equipment that will improve its role by helping it become a major player in international trade in the Central African region. Over the past couple of years, the port and its clients have been frustrated by the slow pace of traffic caused by the port being clogged with sand, and have relied on external partners to help clear the seabed and open up navigation channels. The dredging will now be done in-house with port personnel who will constitute a dedicated dredging team. This newly delegated body will help save the port around XAF10.46 billion annually by spending only XAF6.7billion, which is much less compared to the usual XAF17.16 billion.

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Staff at the port will receive training to operate and manage the new equipment as well. This will be facilitated by the manufacturers who have promised to provide support and maintenance to the crew. With the cost of dredging set to drop, the PAD is also making plans to rehabilitate its entire infrastructure. The goal is to reduce waiting time, increase the flow of goods, and process as much cargo as possible.

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