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What Cameroonians Can Learn From Forbes Under 30 Entrepreneur Bamai Namata

Author: Exports News
May 07, 2019
4 min read
May 07, 2019
4 min read
What Cameroonians Can Learn From Forbes Under 30 Entrepreneur Bamai Namata

When Forbes published it's Under 30 Africa Tech list in 2018, there was excitement in Cameroon about Bamai Namata. At twenty-six, the founder of Maibeta Inc. has proved young Cameroonians can innovate and go on to build outstanding products under the harshest conditions. Here are a few lessons you can learn from Namata’s story.

There’s No Harm in Starting Small
Namata’s first job as a laborer paid $28 a month, but that’s what got him started on his path to success. After that, he worked three years at a local NGO, and the savings from both jobs helped set up his business in 2015. He’s equally patient in his ambition to get more people to embrace new technology. “There’s no overnight success; you need to keep working hard to improve your business,” he told the BBC after he made Forbes’ list.

Solve a Problem
Namata then founded his company, Maibeta Inc., to connect technicians with clients who need repair and maintenance services. Demand for electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, builders, and architects is high, but few people know where to find them. Maibeta Inc. makes it easy for people to solve this problem, and for the technicians to find jobs and build a reputation.

Engage Your Passion
The Forbes Under 30 entrepreneur has always been a fan of computers and electronics and further explored this interest when everyone else in his neighborhood wanted to be a teacher or join the army. He used this passion for computers and electronics to grow his business, which ultimately led to his success. Engaging in what you’re passionate about is a necessary element to being successful in business; otherwise, you’re not going to be as fervent about pushing for more and striving for success.

Make Growth a Goal
Namata hasn’t shied away from growth opportunities. He was awarded a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Scholarship in 2016 which comes with a $5,000 funding. Maibeta Inc. also received financing from Faster Capital in 2018 and has engaged in an ambitious plan to train 500,000 technicians across Africa by 2022. Namata’s ambition for his company is what has made Maibeta Inc. successful: he’s continually looking for the next way to improve and grow.

Learn How to Sell
A degree in Mass Communications from the University of Buea has helped Namata articulate his vision, but he credits his salesmanship to his mother who traded in his community when he was growing up. His ability to sell his vision attracted 2,300 technicians who have served over 9,000 clients in Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Yaounde, and Bafoussam.

Further Growth for SMEs
Other Cameroonian businesses and manufacturers can expand using these principles, as well as partnering with Export Portal. We have created a hub for thoroughly verified import/export businesses and manufacturers all over the world. Not only do you have the opportunity to build partnerships with B2B companies internationally, but everything from documentation to transactions is tracked, checked, and secured due to our proprietary blockchain technology. Learn from Bamai Namata’s success and make your company’s growth a goal.

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