Monday July 26, 2021

Global trade industry hit by supply chain woes

Jul 12, 2021
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Global trade industry hit by supply chain woes

The COVID-19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all kinds of businesses. Various companies had to shut down or temporarily close, profits have declined, and there have been mass layoffs. The international trade industry is no exception, and it is continuing to struggle as global export volumes remain well below pre-pandemic levels. The second wave of the virus has proven to be especially dangerous to countries such as India and Turkey as well, and traders in these two nations are facing major challenges in terms of their supply chains. This blog discusses the various ways in which the global trade industry has been hit by supply chain issues and the consequences of this impact.

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Trade Sector

The global trade industry continues to face a number of challenges. To begin, traders are struggling to regain the revenues lost from the pandemic. Secondly, the demand for certain products is continuing to dwindle. These include capital goods as well as luxury goods. Lastly, supply chain issues such as a decline in investments and capacity issues are turning into long-term problems. Major economies are suffering due to the crisis as well, meaning the countries that depend on them for raw materials are also affected.

Exports NewsIn addition, the supply shortages, along with shipping delays, means various companies will be constrained as well. This will probably last until the end of the year and even possibly longer in a worst-case scenario. These supply-chain constraints are the results of logistics backlogs like the Suez Canal blockage and port congestion in the US, along with the worldwide chip shortage. While the World Trade Organization (WTO) had initially predicted a strong recovery for world trade, recent events have led Kurt Sievers, the chief executive of NXP Semi, to state, “our current expectation is we will face a tight supply environment for at least the remainder of 2021.” On the bright side, the company has also simultaneously “seen a significant increase in demand for our products.”

Let Exports News Help You

New to the world of trade? Then check out Exports News to gain more valuable insights regarding the international trading industry! Traders around the world are hoping that the advent of vaccines will prove to be a gamechanger. In any case, something needs to improve soon enough.

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