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Transportation strategies for high value cargo

Author: Exports News
May 10, 2021
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May 10, 2021
2 min read
Transportation strategies for high value cargo

While every shipment requires care and attention, the stakes are much higher when the cargo in question is of high value. These types of cargo require special procedures and extra security to eliminate the risks of theft, damage, etc. High-value cargos include not only gold, money, and precious gems but also include confidential documents, alcohol, life-saving medicines and biotech products, artworks, fine jewelry, and even high-end food.

Thus, to ensure optimal care, freight forwarders must partner with airlines adopting exceptional strategies that go beyond basic industry standards. Here are some essential factors a forwarder should consider when looking for a transportation partner:

Priority Handling

An airline should offer priority handling channels for goods to allow them to be contained in separate, highly secure, and constantly monitored facilities. Of course, it is also crucial that such quality and security standards are consistent across the airline’s global network.

Accurate Route Mapping and Solid Risk Management Plans

In order to cover all the potential risks of cargo loss or damage in every step of the operation, the carrier must have a solid risk management plan in place. From the acceptance to delivery, airlines should have a high-value goods route map to identify and avoid risk areas and must also be able to monitor the shipment and measure the effectiveness of the security procedures across all touch-points.

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Sealed Containers and Vault Storage

Shipping valuables require the use of special unit load devices (ULDs) like aluminum or hard plastic boxes, which are tightly sealed to prevent any unauthorized attempts to access the goods inside. The sealed ULDs should always be stored in vault rooms that have 24/7 security cameras.

Escort To and From the Aircraft with Supervision

Valuable cargo should always be transported with special, high-security vehicles and be accompanied by security agents or specially-trained cargo handlers. Ramp supervisors should always check that the seals are intact before loading and unloading goods onto the aircraft as well.

Confidentiality and Transparency

A quality-focused airline must also guarantee open and honest communication and provide a clear overview of any shipments. This will prevent future misunderstandings and protect you from hidden or additional costs.

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