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UAE focuses on strengthening its position as global trade hub

Jan 11, 2021
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UAE focuses on strengthening its position as global trade hub

To further strengthen the UAE’s position as an international hub for trade and logistics, Abu Dhabi Ports (ADP) has acquired MICCO Logistics, a leader in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and in the fields of freight management, travel services, specialized supply chain activities that cater to polymers, oil and gas equipment, and FMCG, as well. The acquisition will help ADP, which is also a part of Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADQ), one of the largest holding companies in the region, to become a premier facilitator of logistics, transport, and trade in the Gulf region with the availability of MICCO’s modern ground fleet. MICCO currently comprises more than 350 prime movers with a diversified fleet of trailers and specialized temperature-controlled warehousing services that are ideal for storing sensitive cargo for an extended period of time. This addition will help transform ADP while stimulating economic growth and letting the company get ahead of its competitors.

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MICCO’s diverse portfolio of logistics solutions includes freight management in Project, Contract, and Commercial logistics, multi-modal transport, warehousing and distribution, stevedoring, and road feeder services for the aviation segment. By leveraging this diverse portfolio, ADP can provide customers with a broader and more fully-integrated logistics solution and emerge as a major hub in international trade. The coalition will also provide the ADP with a unique opportunity to serve customers along all segments of the supply chain. It will be able to handle all touchpoints of the customers, such as customs clearance, PO management, sourcing, stevedoring, transportation on a local, international, and regional level, order fulfillment, and storage.

The development is also an opportunity to connect the trading world with the Gulf and beyond while reaching new areas of growth. The ability to explore a large spectrum of services in the supply chain will help explore underserved areas like healthcare and consumer packaged goods, giving hope to many.

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